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Myth: Not washing your face enough causes breakouts.

Fact: Actually, washing your face too much can cause oil rebound and aggravation potentially causing breakouts.

Myth: Unhealthy, greasy food causes pimples.

Fact: There is no proven correlation between dietary fats and breakouts.

Myth: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

Fact: Acne is caused primarily by internal, not external, triggers.

Myth: Chocolate, pizza, and French fries cause acne.

Fact: The overall correlation between diet and acne is still unclear. If certain foods consistently seem to make you break out, you should avoid them. Importantly, eating healthy will always serve you well and help your body resist the effects of inflammation and stress.

Myth: I’m doing something wrong to cause my acne.

Fact: Acne is caused because of your genetics and hormones.

Myth: There is nothing you can do about acne. It is something that everyone has to go through.

Fact: From topical skincare treatments to medications, acne is very treatable. People no longer need to live with acne.

Myth: Sunlight clears acne.

Fact: Although getting a tan on your face may immediately mask some of the redness and inflammation associated with acne, chronic sun exposure actually damages skin and makes breakouts more likely to leave pigment marks. The risks associated with sun exposure and not protecting your acne-prone skin with sunscreen far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Myth: If you attack the blemish you see, you will cure the problem.

Fact: It takes a full two to three weeks for a blemish to surface. The bump that appears on skin is actually the final step in the process, making spot treatments are largely ineffective. Skin needs targeted products that penetrate to where the problem originates, stopping acne before it’s visible on the skin’s surface.